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Our mission is to reduce the failure score of our students and create full confidence for their certification.

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Since 2010, GetSetCertify has been the most trusted source of IT certification practice tests and assessments. The GetSetCertify system provides the necessary tools to reinforce learning and authenticate knowledge for students, teachers, and clients of hundreds of corporations, career colleges, and technical training institutes throughout the world.

10 years of excellence

Our practice examinations have been lauded for their unique use of simulated question types and in-depth reporting, as well as for their informative explanations, extensive coverage of exam objectives, and several delivery options. In addition to training and job placement, GetSetCertify evaluations are used to demonstrate a person's knowledge retention.

Focus on what matters most

Passing your exam requires an extensive understanding of the key concepts. Because our exam simulation covers everything you need to know, you can be confident in your revised knowledge and have a lot more fun along the way. 

Our in-depth coverage of the exam objectives will help you avoid missing out on any detail. The clarity of our explanations will help you understand and grasp the concepts easily.

The secret to success

There's nothing worse than investing time and money in certifications and then failing because of inadequate preparation content. With GetSetCertify, you can practice and prepare with the most accurate and reliable content available.

GetSetCertify is your one-stop shop for exam prep. We offer reams of original material in all the major certifications, so you can find what you need without wasting time or money.

Get started with GetSetCertify today! Our tests are accurate, reliable, and completely affordable so you can get on with passing your exams!

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